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The Duke Hallock '32
  Originally built by Duke Hallock in the 1950s and featuring a Hallock one off windshield (not a Duvall). The car's main distinctive feature being it's 1936 V8 Model-60 Cadillac grill. I have the grill shell waiting for me to build this car.
Chet Herberts GMC powered '32 Fordor
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 Chet Herbert's channelled and chopped '32 Fordor was powered by a GMC six cylinder coupled to a Buick Dynaflow transmission. The rear axle used was a '36 Ford.

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Duffy Livingstone's 32 roadster. 
Duffy1.JPG (18969 Byte) Duffy Livingstone invented the cart. He also built some great hot rods, this being my favorite. Duffy's car made a big impression on me when I first saw it. It was his use of the '41 Ford dash and the wonderful proportions which struck me. The Cadillac V8 being awesome too! I have the '41 dash and restored instruments for this project stored away.  Duffy3.JPG (25522 Byte)
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roddickroadster.jpg (52171 Byte) 'The Roddick-Brown Special.' roddickroadster2.jpg (43212 Byte)
This serious rod was built in 1949 and ran speeds of 130mph at Bonneville and El Mirage. Bod Roddick wrecked in in 1950 when he fell asleep behind the wheel but re-built it. 
A radically channelled early 50s style rod 
I dream of channelled rods. Mostly '32s of course but always of the heavily channelled cars of the late 40s and early 50s. Many of todays channelled rods feature zedded frames and lowered axles which give them cartoon like characters and aren't my cup of tea. Note how on all these 50s channelled cars, the frames still ride high despite the bodies dragging on the ground. No space for bot bellied granddads in these rods.
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Mystery channelled '36 Tudor Bim Siegner's channelled roadster Radically channelled deluxe coupe
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Channelled standard coupe dragster Chopped and channelled This one is channelled at least 8 inches
 Any one of these early 50s rods.
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