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Rolling Chassis

1932 "New - Old - Style"  restored and modified chassis P/N B-5005 

Ed's Rod Shop prepare original, restored and modified 1932 Ford chassis for use under 1932 Ford Hotrods and also for use under A-V8s. We also can restore your old and damaged 1928-31, 1932 or 1933-34 Ford frame.

Prices vary depending on how you want your frame. We can supply dozens of options. Ford did offer a replacement '32 frame late in '32 for repairing accident damaged cars. Ford charged $17.50 for the new frame. Prices have gone up a bit since then.

Standard 1932 Ford frame fitted with Shadow Rods Model-A front crossmember to lower car 1" - €4950
Moving rear crossmember rearward to center wheels in the wheel arches - €Free
Original Model-A front crossmember modified to fit 1932 frame €350 extra
Model-A rear crossmember modified to fit 1932 Ford frame - €350 extra
Engine mounts; 1948 Mercury €350 extra or A-V8 Ambulance mounts - €500 extra
Front and rear shock mounts - usually €350 - €400 per axle depending on parts used.
Split wishbone mounts fitted - €100
Rear reinforcing legs to stiffen up 1932 K-member frames. €950 extra. (€1000 for dropped floor cars like 3W)
X-member instead of 1932 K-member. These frames are very rigid and are suitable for OHVs and start at €7500

IMG_0633.JPG (46534 Byte) Standard re-built 1932 Ford frame from €4950 including 19% sales tax. IMG_0634.JPG (48977 Byte)
All frames feature all the original holes and are riveted together using the correct gauge vintage rivets.

This lovely 1932 Ford frame has been fully restored and fitted with some interesting options before being painted in high gloss chassis paint. Note the intergrated V8 Flathead "Ambulance" engine mounts and the reproduction pedal assembly.

IMG_1254.JPG (1063367 Byte) IMG_1256.JPG (1144448 Byte) IMG_1260.JPG (1056280 Byte)
IMG_1262.JPG (1123898 Byte) IMG_1263.JPG (1188673 Byte) IMG_1250.JPG (1073431 Byte)
IMG_0609.JPG (65042 Byte) IMG_0606.JPG (90793 Byte) img_4836.jpg (3047236 Byte)
Side rivet detail Top rivet detail 1934 frame rivet detail
A fully optioned 1932 A-V8 rolling chassis featuring Model-A front and rear crossmembers, X-frame strengthening legs and ambulance motor mounts.
Bild 038.jpg (1257164 Byte) Bild 032.jpg (1355134 Byte) Bild 034.jpg (1300542 Byte)
Bild 035.jpg (1330121 Byte) Bild 037.jpg (1315036 Byte) Bild 039.jpg (1363543 Byte)
This Model-A chassis has been fitted with a 1932 Ford K-member to mount the flathead V8 engine and V8 transmission. The chassis has been "Zedded" at the rear and the rear crossmember moved rearward to mount the Model-A rear spring behind the axle.
IMG_2781.jpg (1345845 Byte) IMG_2780.jpg (1375641 Byte) IMG_2778.jpg (1439407 Byte)
IMG_2777.jpg (1345724 Byte) IMG_2776.jpg (1256549 Byte) IMG_2775.jpg (1386200 Byte)
IMG_0317.JPG (67741 Byte) This popular option of a Model-A rear crossmember (left and right) allows the use of a quick change rear end and also lowers the rear of the car quite substantially if combined with a spring behind axle configeration. Priced at €350 extra. Bild 033.jpg (1321698 Byte)
IMG_0578.JPG (683505 Byte) Genuine original 1928-31 Ford Model-A front crossmember. This requires modification to fit the 1932 frame. Priced at €350 extra including fitting img_4837.jpg (2736139 Byte)
Bild 018.jpg (1465379 Byte) Ed's Rod Shop's unique Ambulance V8 motor mounts are an expensive but very attractive way of mounting your late model Flathead V8 in an early frame. Priced at €500 extra. These mounts require the use of an original Model-A front crossmember (see above) Bild 014.jpg (1461452 Byte)
X-frame (13).jpg (82572 Byte) 1942-48 Mercury Motor Mounts. These very rare and hard to find engine mounts are great to use if I can find them. Priced at €350 / pair fitted. X-frame (2).jpg (67910 Byte)
IMG_0853.JPG (753731 Byte) Front and rear shock mounts. The solutions are varied. Where possible I use authentic Ford parts. Prices are around €350-€400 per axle depending on parts used. Bild 036.jpg (1301853 Byte)
Bild 032.jpg (1355134 Byte) Bolt in X-frame legs to reinforce the 1932 Ford frame. €950-€1000 depending on body style. Bild 035.jpg (1330121 Byte)
1932 Ford X-frame from €7500
X-frame (14).jpg (89151 Byte) X-frame (13).jpg (82572 Byte) X-frame (12).jpg (96348 Byte)
Pictured here before riveting is Ed's Rod Shop's deluxe 1932 Ford X-frame chassis.
X-frame (3).jpg (80281 Byte) X-frame (9).jpg (90811 Byte) X-frame (8).jpg (80222 Byte)
The center box section has been reversed, flipped top to bottom and shortened. This frame accepts stock 1940-48 Ford pedals
X-frame (5).jpg (88221 Byte) X-frame (6).jpg (96663 Byte) X-frame (4).jpg (80782 Byte)
Notice the way the X-frame flows into the outside rails just how Ford designed it, increasing torsional rigidity.
Here is another 1932 A-V8 X-frame chassis built by Ed's Rod Shop
IMG_0572.JPG (711550 Byte) IMG_0581.JPG (628481 Byte) IMG_0578.JPG (683505 Byte)
1932 A-V8 frame Central tunnel Model-A front crossmember
IMG_0612.JPG (128179 Byte) IMG_0625.JPG (119015 Byte) IMG_0623.JPG (116554 Byte)
Shown here with fully chromed show front end. 1939-48 Master cylinder Chevy S10 5-speed transmission mounted
img_0629.jpg (136687 Byte) IMG_0620.JPG (126407 Byte) IMG_0616.JPG (122951 Byte)
IMG_0844.JPG (709450 Byte) IMG_0848.JPG (765940 Byte) IMG_0847.JPG (734521 Byte)
Model-A rear crossmember & spring S10 Transmission from below
IMG_0853.JPG (753731 Byte) IMG_0842.JPG (648464 Byte) IMG_0838.JPG (622693 Byte)
Shock detail Exhaust hanger 1941-48 Pedals
1934 Ford frame restoration
Ed's Rod Shop can restore your old and damaged 1928-34 Ford frame. This 1934 pictured below had very serious rust damage and broken front and rear crossmembers. The front crossmember was replaced with a Model-AA truck front crossmember. The rear crossmember was replaced by another 1934 crossmember. Serious rust damage on the X-member was repaired and both side rails which were seriously weakened by rust were replaced by new ones from ASC. All original holes in the side rails were drilled out and the frame was riveted back together.
1934 (1).jpg (1419186 Byte) 1934 (9).jpg (1438643 Byte) 1934 (10).jpg (1338198 Byte)
1934A (2).jpg (867625 Byte) 1934A (12).jpg (1307930 Byte) 1934 (11).jpg (1389723 Byte)
1934 (7).jpg (1410377 Byte) 1934A (14).jpg (1436389 Byte) 1934 (12).jpg (1228852 Byte)
And the final result after riveting back together.
img_4833.jpg (3174558 Byte) img_4834.jpg (2949384 Byte) img_4835.jpg (2608736 Byte)
img_4836.jpg (3047236 Byte) img_4837.jpg (2736139 Byte) img_4838.jpg (2770731 Byte)
img_4839.jpg (2768465 Byte) img_4840.jpg (2518037 Byte) img_4841.jpg (2436978 Byte)
img_4842.jpg (3154283 Byte) img_4843.jpg (3017352 Byte) img_4844.jpg (3058930 Byte)

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