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Eds Rod Shop rolling chassis'

Typically Eds Rod Shop build frames, rolling chassis, part built cars for owners to complete and also complete cars. Below are a few examples of rolling chassis' we have built for customers. We don't build street rods. Please don't ask.


 1932 Ford rolling chassis for a 1932 Ford roadster
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 This 1932 Ford frame is one of Eds Rod Shop's restored frames, part number B-5005. Delivered to the customer as a rolling chassis with a box full of parts mounted on the frame.
 Rolling Model-A chassis for a 1928-31 A-V8
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This 1928-31 Ford frame was zedded at the rear and fitted with a 1932 Ford K-member 
1932 Ford A-V8 rolling chassis for a 1931 Ford coupe
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This 1932 Ford frame features a Model-A rear crossmember which lowers the rear of the car substantially. At the front we have a unique Ambulance front crossmember. The frame also features X-member strengthening legs which strengthen the '32 frame.
1932 Ford A-V8 chassis for a 1930 Ford Tudor
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1932 X-Framed Ford Chassis for a 1931 Ford roadster see build thread
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This is Ed's famous 1932 X-frame. This frame utilizes a 1942-48 center section. This ensures a torsionally rigid frame without boxing
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Here the A-V8 frame is assembled with it's drivetrain. The A-V8 frame features original Model-A front and rear crossmembers
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The center section of the X-member is reversed to allow a location point for the rear wishbones which have been joined together with a Model-A front yoke.
1932 X-Framed Ford Chassis for a 1932 Ford roadster
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This extremely strong 1932 frame utilizes a 1948 Ford center X section to provide rigidity 
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Center box top and bottom cut and sectioned and flipped top to bottom 
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Pictured here before final re-riveting together 
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A Model-A front crossmember lowers the car and '40-'48 Mercury front engine mounts support the flathead V8 
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The original '48 transmission mount now supports the rear ladder bars. 
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This frame was modified to enable the fitment of an S10 5-speed transmission. 
1934 Ford with 350 SBC 
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This rolling 34 was a rusty twisted abused original frame from Argentina. We fitted it with the first Unisteer steering in Germany
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 Boxed and repaired by Eds Rod Shop, this frame is now straight again. Now fitted with a 350SBC and TH350
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Although fitted with coil over shocks at the rear we were able to retain the original rear crossmember with cutout pockets for the coilovers..
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The frame was modified to fit the newer components without losing it's original character 
1934 Ford Pickup rolling chassis - see build report
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