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1927 Ford Model-T roadster

Based on a 1947 Mercury frame, this '26-'27 Model-T roadster features a 1957 Buick Nailhead V8, a two-speed Chevrolet Powerglide aluminium transmission and a Winters Quick Change rear end. The rear wheels are 1950's Packard Caribean, the front wheels are 1933-34 Ford. The front brakes are Lincoln Bendix, whilc the rears are ford Bendix. The steering column and shifter are original '47 Mercury whereas the steering wheel itself is the all time favourite from a 1940 Ford.

With it's extremely low centre of gravity and direct steering, this roadster handles like a gocart. 


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Based on an original 1947 Mercury frame with 1932 Ford Rails this build features a master cylinder and brake pedal from a Smart Fortwo.
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Front shocks are expensive Houdailles. The Winters quick change rear features standard aero shocks.
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A hand made stainless steel exhaust is hard mounted to the frame. The battery lives under the seat and the handbrake lever is from an early Morris Oxford MO.
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The grill shell is a filled, peaked and shortened 1932 shell from Vintiques. I mounted a transmission cooler to the lower part.
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The most important part of all hotrods - the rolling chassis. This build features a very low centre of gravity.
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An original and almost rust free 1926-27 roadster body. The rear cut outs are to enable the car to sit low at the rear.
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In order to lower the seating, a floor pan from a 1932 Ford roadster was used as a seat pan. Seatbelts, real leather upholstery and a rubber floor mat complete the picture. The gas pedal is from a 1932 Ford.
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The front brakes are ventilated Lincoln
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With the tank in the trunk, there's no room for any lugage now. Rear wheels are very rare 1950's Packard Caribean
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Finished! Let the fun start.

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