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1932 Ford 3W Coupe

This '32 3W streetrod was a joint effort between Ed's Rod Shop and US-Autoteile in Unterhaid, Germany. The aim was to build a reliable daily driver rod. Featuring a 350SBC and a TH350 automatic transmission. The rear axle used was a late Fox type Mustang with a limited slip diff. We found that a C6 Corvette aluminium driveshaft fitted right in with no shortening required. The Corvette driveshaft is made of aluminium and polishes up to a great shine. Despite being a modern streetrod we went for a late fifties style and fitted the car with reproduction Dodge Lancer hupcaps and trimmed out the interior with black tuck 'n' roll.


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 Final assembly in paint. The Corvette SBC dressed up with chinese jewellery.
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The Corvette C6 driveshaft fitted in without shortening. On the right the parking brake system.
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 This is the rolling chassis ready to receive it's freshly painted body.
The SBC had a nice sounding tickover to it.  
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Harley Davidson directional indicators and '50 Pontiac rear lights were used.
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Getting close to the end.
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The steering wheel is a 15" reproduction of the popular 1940 Ford 'wheel.
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Headlights are reproductions of the original '32 lamps. The bench seat used was a Dodge Caravan center seat.
    The first time on the road with oldtimer hot rodder Ron looking on!

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