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1932 Ford roadster. (Converting a dated streetrod into a classic hotrod)

Ed's Rod Shop was asked to turn a dated streetrod with IFS into something more special. We replaced the entire front end with a period I-Beam front axle and drum brakes. The wide radial tires were replaced with narrow crossply Firestones on 1940 Ford rims. The steering rack was replaced with a Vega steering box. The ugly square front indicators were thrown out and round chrome Harley Davidson units were fitted.

After the conversion the car drove and handled much better. It was easier to operate and more agile. It also changed the whole look of the car. It now looks like a late 50s hotrod.


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 Here is what we started off with - a rather ugly and dated streetrod with IFS.
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 Eds Rod Shop ripped out the badly installed and worn out IFS and fitted a Model-A front crossmember.
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 A dropped I-Beam front axle, 1937 front spindles, 1946 front hubs and brakes with Lincoln drums were fitted together with a new Vega steering box. Hairpins and tubular shocks finished off the conversion. The car looked better without the dummy moon tank but it was put back on at the owners request.

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