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1933 Plymouth

Interestly this fiberglass '33 Plymouth was already at least 20 years old and probably older when we got it. The owner wanted us to fit it on an original 1932 Ford frame which had been boxed and X-framed many years ago. The first job was to repair the bad welds on the original '32 chassis and restore it. Surprisingly the '33 Plymouth body fitted on the Ford chassis very well. An SBC Chevy was fitted and the wheels and tires removed from the '32 roadster done previously really looked the part under the Plymouth. 


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This original '32 Ford frame had been rodded years ago. We simply restored it and improved the welds where necessary
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 The chrome wheels which looked so out of place on the '32 roadster really look like they belong here
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Unusual body choice for a '32 frame, but this is hot rodding and sometimes things have to be done on a tight budget

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