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1932 Ford chopped and channelled Pickup

Eds Rod Shop was commissioned to restore this 1950s hot rod as authentically as possible. Where possible, genuine parts, many NOS were used to restore this truck. The rebuild improved on the quality of the original build in a few areas. Many rare parts had to be identified and tracked down. 


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The truck features:

59A Flathead V8 engine.
1946 3-speed Ford transmission with column change.
1940 Ford steering wheel
1941 front axle with spring in front.
Side steering (1946 steering box)
1940 Hydraulic Ford brakes with Lincoln drums
1934 front crossmember mounted 4 1/2" forward
Chopped 32 grill shell
Sectioned 1932 louvred hood
Channeled 1932 Ford Pickup cab
Handmade dashboard with Auburn insert
Stewert Warner "Wings" gauges
1950 Mercury under dash parking brake
1949 Mercury Monteroy interior door handles and window winders
Cowl mounted Antenne
Shortened 1932 pickup box with 1935 tail gate
Modified fuel tank filler now located on side of bed
Handmade rear valance panel mounting 1950 Pontiac taillights and 1949 Chevrolet rear license plate lights.
1940 rear axle with 3:78 gears.
Rear mounted 1932 fuel tank mounted under the bed.
15" 1949-51 Mercury wheels with 1950 Mercury hubcaps and trim rings.
Wide white Firestone crossply tires.
1950 Ford two-tone horns mounted on firewall


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Original photographs revealed many detailed photographes of inside and under the pickup which were a vast help during the re-build. The interior shot shows the Auburn dash and the 1949 Mercury interior handles
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 Although beautifully proportioned, the quality of this 1932 pickup truck was typical early 50s. I.e not too good!
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In comparison, it has been restored to a show winning standard
32Pickup-6A.jpg (118232 Byte) 32Pickup-8A.jpg (126922 Byte) 32Pickup-10A.jpg (101246 Byte) 32Pickup-9A.jpg (110310 Byte)
Detailed under hood and underneath photos of the original
IMG_6573.JPG (126121 Byte) IMG_6572.JPG (115623 Byte) IMG_6570.JPG (136787 Byte) IMG_5574.JPG (99875 Byte)
65 years later.
The restoration:
Bild 009.jpg (81904 Byte) Bild 011.jpg (100125 Byte) Bild 014.jpg (80949 Byte) Bild 023.jpg (88875 Byte)
Typical rust repair on the cowl which entailed making up new pieces and welding them back in. Even the window frame needed patching. 
Bild 024.jpg (85866 Byte) Bild 025.jpg (94118 Byte) Bild 040.jpg (82476 Byte) Bild 044.jpg (76191 Byte)
Here's a door post being re-created. Two good doors were made out of four originals. New skins were fitted too
Bild 104.jpg (286499 Byte) Bild 057.jpg (80906 Byte) Bild 100.jpg (256722 Byte)
A reproduction of an Auburn dash was made up out of the top of the original '32 pickup dash, a '57 Chevy spare wheel well and some fresh steel. 
Bild 047.jpg (92675 Byte) A passenger car fuel tank was mounted under the pickup bed, but the filler is re-located to the side of the pickup bed Bild 112.jpg (85642 Byte) antenne.jpg (224340 Byte) Authentic antenne installed
Bild 085.jpg (219883 Byte) Bild 084.jpg (228813 Byte) Bild 102.jpg (171781 Byte) Bild 101.jpg (189989 Byte)
Details on the new pickup bed including the hidden latches for the tailgate
Soneschut.jpg (81772 Byte) Sonnenschut.jpg (79139 Byte) The original sun visor was toast, so a new one was made up out of fresh steel. A new multiply floor was cut to shape and fitted. Multiplyboden.jpg (85591 Byte)
A few parts were proving very hard to find. A better 1940 rear axle with 3:78 gears and those impossible to find anymore 1949-51 Mercury wheels. A complete set of '49 Mercury Monteroy interior handles were needed to, so I flew to Northern Wisconsin in January and trawled the junkyards and friends barns there. It was -30C and windy and wolves were wandering around somewhere!
IMG_3046.JPG (78454 Byte) 49MercuryGriffe.jpg (83758 Byte) Finally after years of research, dust, dirt, grinding, welding and clambering through junkyards, we're putting it together for the last time!
Hayward in Northern Wisconsin in January 2013. This is were I go to find my parts Found 'em! 1940 rear end with 3:78s loaded into the trailer with a set of '50 Mercury rims. Eureka! Found the mega rare '49 Merc handles at a friends house. He'd pulled them off a '49 Merc decades ago.
Bild 029.jpg (1197689 Byte) Bild 030.jpg (1261950 Byte) Bild 031.jpg (1116358 Byte) photo-3.JPG (171657 Byte)
The '32 Ford frame starts to take shape 1942 59A-B truck engine
IMG_5452.JPG (159818 Byte) IMG_5498[1].jpg (150957 Byte) IMG_5503.JPG (122058 Byte) IMG_5504.JPG (113123 Byte)
The cab went on as soon as it arrived back from the paint shop. Engine installed 1951 Kaiser Ashtray which was re-chromed here in Germany and will be used as a power access point
IMG_5506.JPG (196393 Byte) IMG_5507.JPG (137599 Byte) IMG_5509.JPG (117111 Byte) IMG_5513.JPG (85069 Byte)
Fuse board Trial fitting the front panel NOS GM headlight relay Authentic square door mirrors
IMG_5449.JPG (178246 Byte) IMG_5517.JPG (154816 Byte) IMG_5519.JPG (116714 Byte) IMG_5450.JPG (159621 Byte)


Detail shot of the 1950 Ford...


...parking brake equalizer lever


IMG_5502.JPG (106570 Byte) IMG_5523.JPG (127637 Byte) IMG_5454.JPG (145939 Byte) IMG_5452.JPG (159818 Byte)
Auburn dash takes shape

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