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1931 Ford A-V8 Coupe


Built in 2014 is this A-V8 rolling chassis for a 1931 Model-A coupe body. This features a 1932 Ford V8 chassis with 1932 Ford K-member, Model-A front and rear crossmembers, an 8BA flathead V8 (featuring an Eddie Meyer slingshot intake manifold), a 1938-39 3-speed Ford transmission, a 1936 Ford rear axle and 'bones with 1940 hydraulic brakes all round. 1940 steel wheels clad with Firestone crossply tires complete the picture. Steering is by Ford F1 side steer column. The front axle is original 1932 Ford with unsplit front bones. Spindles are 1948. Tie rod and drag link are from 1932.


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1939 Ford Standard transmission Painted red inside... ...and green outside
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Safety wired bolts Ford F1 steering box being overhauled Custom modified rear spring clips
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Low riding A-V8 frame... ...with Model-A rear crossmember... ...and unsplit 1932 'bones
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A 1932 Ford K-member Dropped 1932 Ford front I-beam Eds Rod Shop's special V8 Motor mounts
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Note use of X-member strengthening legs... ...which give the original un-boxed Ford frame X-frame strength. Custom handbrake bracket
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8BA Ford/Mercury V8 Electronic ignition Note the extra "X-legs"
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Low riding '32 frame Rolling chassis complete Dropped '32 heavy axle
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The extra strengthening X-legs... ...stiffen up the frame substantially Modified Model-A rear crossmember
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Eddie Meyers intake with twin 97s Edelbrock aluminium cylinder heads One wire alternator
BB01 (16).jpg (126994 Byte) BB01 (20).jpg (134424 Byte)
Handbrake mechanism close up Original '32 axle dropped in California
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1938-39 3-speed Ford transmission Hydraulic brake conversion Handbrake detail

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