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1932 Ford Victoria

This reproduction 1932 Ford Victoria featured a TCI fully chromed rolling chassis. A 370BHP Jaguar V8 and 5-speed automatic tranmission from a Mercedes E55 were fitted with a 9" Ford rear axle. Seats and seat belts are from a Renault Twingo. Dash is '40 Ford as are the wheels and steering wheel.


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The TCI frame fitted with a steel floor. The fiberglass body was fitted with a steel floor and firewall for safety reasons.
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The engine fitted was a 370Bhp supercharged 4.0 V8 from a Jaguar XJR. The XJR tank was fitted in the rear behind the Renault Twingo rear seat.
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Hand made steel door frames contain Speciality Windows power window kits and '32 roadster interior door handles.
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 A steel 1940 Ford dash was narrowed and modified to mount the Jaguar's J-shifter on dash

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