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1934 Ford pickup rolling chassis restauration


This poor old '34 Ford hat suffered decades of neglect and some previous owners hat made some very badly executed modifications which hat seriously weakened the frame. Ed's Rod Shop returned this frame to stock, adding hydraulic shocks, hydraulic brakes and an F1 steering box.


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Bild 007.jpg (118700 Byte) The frame hat some rust in the normal places. Early Ford X-frames have sandwiched rails front and rear which collect moisture and rust badly. The only way to repair this is to drill out the rivets and remove the rail. This frame had been chemically dipped to remove the rust but the chemicals won't penetrate the sandwiched sections.

After manually removing the rust and repairing the sections which would later be sandwiched back together were treated to an anti-rust primer.

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Bild 006 (1).jpg (69242 Byte) A previous owner had split the bones, badly, and attached them to a weak part of the frame. Post '32 frames simply aren't thick enough to attach split wishbone tabs here without further strengthening. It was decided to un-split the bones using sections of '36 rear bones and a '32-'34 yoke. Bild 014 (1).jpg (127870 Byte)
Ford 3385_20_1_1.JPG (88265 Byte) The '34 had been converted to cross steering which was the reason the front wishbone was split. This clumsey arrangement was replaced by an F1 steering box.  Bild 028.jpg (127626 Byte)
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IMG_7071.JPG (81740 Byte) This is often seen on badly built cars from America. A '39 hydraulic pedal box has been fitted to the '34 frame by cutting out most of the front left leg of the X-member. This seriously weakens the frame. The frame was repaired to stock specification using fresh steel, steel from a 1948 frame and small repair sections were taken from a scrap '34 center section to repair this one. IMG_7096.JPG (91836 Byte)
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The engine mounts had been welded solidly to the front crossmember! We used the correct conversion kit used to locate late model flathead V8s into early frames. The front crossmember was removed and cleaned up before being riveted back in place.
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Someone had cut this section to install a none stock exhaust. A repair section was made and welded into place.
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These are the original front shock mounts which were badly rusted. As we would be fitting hydraulic shocks, these holes were welded up on both inner and outer rails.
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This is a common problem on early frames. They rust out badly around the rear kick-up and both inner and outer rails need repairing on both sides of the car.
The finished chassis was painted with a special creep primer formulated for riveted frames and painted with chassis black high gloss paint. All suspension and brake components were also painted. The rear axle was powder coated.
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